Picture of the week 01.01.07

Resolution Oil on paper, 21" x 16"

I not only painted this, I posted it. Think I ain't got guts?

Here's the deal. Used to, I couldn't abide abstraction, but over the past fifteen, twenty years,
I've come to the conclusion that it's somehow way cooler than representational stuff, and while
I'm too set in my ways to switch styles altogether, if I experimented with this school of thought,
it would have a positive effect on my regular work, which I want to become less...er, whatever
the visual equivalent of "literal" is. Plus, it's good therapy for my nearly-out-of-control fantasizing
about being a beatnik down on Bleecker Street in 1958. So, much as I abhor the practice, I have
resolved to do one thing this year: try to turn out some abstract art. This is my first-ever attempt.

I'll show up next week with a picture that has subject matter. Meanwhile, you are welcome
to laugh at this one with my blessing -- and yes, I do realize this might well be the most
inept attempt at nonobjective painting since Ed Harris started rehearsals for Pollock.

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