Picture of the week 01.22.07

What I painted this week:

The Hall Kilz® on plaster, approx. 188 sq. ft.

Sorry; what free time I had earlier in the week was occupied with this. Then there were lots of panic jobs
over the weekend, and that cut way into the amount of painting time I was able to arrange. And my troubles
are just beginning, too -- tomorrow I gotta walk into the Sherwin-Williams place and tell the guy there
I need a gallon of "Macadamia." Man, that's embarrassing.

I did start work on a painting during all of this, but it's too incoherent to show you right now; the only
fragment that is even decipherable is the first pencil sketch:

Not much, but it's all I got for you right now. Maybe I should offer to post something later in the week,
as soon as the picture starts shaping up. Nah, never mind, I'll give you a look at how it's going
next Monday. It'll be worth the wait. No, I swear. It really will be.

It's a nude. Now you interested?

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