Picture of the week 02.05.07

Progress, of a Sort

I didn't miss last week -- there was something wrong with your browser. Okay, I missed
last week. Sorry; it'll never happen again. Not for a while anyway.

Very busy the past two weeks, but I did make some progress on the nude I was telling you
about -- and don't immediately start scrolling down; you're not going to see anything. Yet.

So, to recap: here's the first pencil drawing I made:

And here's how she looks now that the final composition has been blocked out:

Suzanne Pastel, 26 " x 18"

I've developed the painting a little further, but I don't want to show you. It would give too much away, and
I want you to get the full effect when it's finished. Stick with me on this one. It's going to turn out well.
Trust me. I know. I've been doing this stuff since 1960.

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