Picture of the week 03.05.07

Luna Pastel, 12" x 9"

Okay, lame title. I'll think up something better and replace it later.

All day Saturday we had perfect weather for viewing the first of this year's lunar eclipses
(we get two this time around, from what I've read). Not a cloud in the sky...until about
an hour before moonrise, when just enough cloud cover to hide the event blew into the
east, while the rest of the sky remained clear, as if to hack me off.

Then there was a short break, and we got a nice view for maybe half an hour.
And it was a spectacular sight, unless you compare it to the event of the previous Sunday,
when the normally lackluster Delta Leonid meteor shower sent what looked to me like
a dinosaur killer through the night sky -- the only bona fide fireball I've ever seen. I thought
about doing a picture of that, but if I did it accurately, you'd think I was making it up.

So I decided on the eclipse. If it had been a pastel painting, it would've looked like this.

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