Picture of the week 03.12.07

She's Ready

I know you're sick of hearing about Suzanne the nude, but that's what I've spent
my available time working on this past week. I still have to hide the finished result from you --
I'm saving that for a new section of the site, where you'll see a detailed step-by-step demonstration
of the painting -- but, in case you remain skeptical, here's proof of a sort: a detail from the
beginning stage, contrasted with the same detail from the final product.

The first one of you who says "I liked it better before" is banned from the site forever. For the rest,
the Suzanne extravaganza will be ready to go Saturday after next, which is what, the 25th?
It may happen earlier, but let's say the 25th. There'll be a link here and on the home page.

I also know you didn't come here for a long-winded explanation of why there's no new picture.
So, since I didn't have time to do one, how about an old picture?

From The Vault, here's an interesting piece. It's a commission that was started some time back,
wherein the assignment was to paint a scene set somewhere along the east coast of Florida.
I immediately thought of this place on A1A, about halfway between New Smyrna and Titusville.
It was called Manny's. As you traveled toward it from either direction, you'd pass billboard after billboard,
promising all the wonderful things you'd see when you got to Manny's!, and when you finally
arrived, you couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry. It made Stuckey's look like Xanadu.

My favorite features of the place were these two dinosaurs that Manny had acquired from God knows
what miniature golf course, God knows when. So I picked them as my subject.

Manny's is gone now, abandoned years ago -- as was this commission. Both the artist and the clients
agreed it should be dropped. Why? Because it's an excellent example of what happens when
the painting isn't anywhere near as good as its title.

Don't believe me? Check it out:

When Tourists Ruled the Earth Pastel, 25" x 19"

I rest my case.

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