Picture of the week 04.23.07

Pareidolia for Dummies

Now, don't everybody get all bent out of shape. Just goofin'.

This picture has gone through another phase, but I used so much stand oil that I a) can't continue, and
b) can't take a photo for the glare, until it dries some more. So in the meantime, I offer you this.

Below you'll find an image of last week's work wherein I will prove to you that there is, in fact,
pareidolia going on here. Several people told me they didn't see any faces at all, and I'm telling you, they're there.
Just click on the numbers to see enhanced versions of some of the faces I've found. Then tell me I'm crazy.

By that last, of course, I meant don't you dare tell me I'm crazy.

Pleasant dreams. I said that last time, didn't I?

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