Picture of the week 04.30.07

A couple of fits and starts.

Okay. A couple of fits:

Study for God's Linoleum Oil on paper, 9" x 12"

The technique is a tad on the plodding side, I know, but I did it this way in an attempt to
figure out how and where the paint should be thrown in the real version. Yeah, it's one of those.
I painted it from memory, based on a photo I once saw at Astronomy Picture of the Day:

You see, way, way out in deep space there is this incomprehensibly vast, galaxy-eating
I-don't-know-what. I mean, you should see this thing. William Windom would have taken
one look at it and screamed like a girl.

All right, it's not really a huge galaxy-eating thing. It's a huge cloud of dust and stuff, redeemed only
by the fact that it blocks out the background stars in a very cool Mid-Century Modern boomerang
motif. Also, I turned it sideways for this composition...although come to think of it, I'm sure there's
someone out there for whom this is right side up. Hell, there's probably even an inhabited world
where this would be considered a really good painting.

For those with precious little else to do, I'll show you the second stage of Pareidolia.
Last week, you'll recall, I tried to take a picture of it, but I couldn't keep the glare off the
paint because I'd used so much medium. I had a little more luck this time, so here it is.
I guess I'll have to change the title to Study for Pareidolia, since I've started a much larger version.
No, I know, I've got a better alternate title:

Crap Oil on board, 24" x 16"

But you know? Now I've gone back to look at the photo that had too much glare, and I think that in the
finished piece, I should try to achieve this effect:

Crap with Glare (formerly Glaring Crap) Oil on board, 24" x 16"

Damn it, the William Windom line was funny. Just go ha-ha-ha and be done with it, willya?

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