Picture of the week 05.07.07

Cat on Page 2D Pastel on marbledust board , 5" x 7"

I threw down some newspaper to protect the floor while I was painting, and
began to dwell on this picture of Snowball, a cat at the local animal shelter.
Did I worry about him? Yes. Did I do anything about it? Uh...not actually. But
I'd say there's an excellent chance he's okay now; almost all of the shelter's
neutered animals are adopted, and let me quote the picture's caption:
"Snowball is about seven months old, and loves dogs and cats."
Oh yeah, he was neutered. So I feel all right about him. Still, I think I'll send
the shelter a little donation. As should we all.

This a pretty loose piece, and could be refined a lot more, but I stopped early
when I felt like I'd caught the look in his eyes. You can tell what Snowball's thinking:
two words, and they are not "happy birthday."

If this has been too much of a downer, and if you're cat people like me, try
this link, which never fails to cheer me up.

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