"Are you drawing every day, Counts?"

This was Thursday night. We were on the patio at Picasso's, and she leaned across the table and asked me that, possibly because of the expression I wore as I tried to toss off some quick drawings of her in my Canson sketchbook. (I guess it's possible the situation could have been slightly more intimidating; for example, the name of the restaurant could have been Degas's.)

I had to at least start a picture of her -- you see, she's only in town for the next two weeks, and she's also a figure from that infamous summer of twenty years ago which I'm attempting to commemorate as soon as I can manage to stop talking it to death. So I made a bunch of little doodle-like sketches, and here's the only fragment I got right: Her eye.

But we'll get back to this later. Where was I?

Ah, her question. I answered honestly: I told her no, but I was trying to force myself to. In the four days since,
I've drawn on three of them, which increases my rate to seventy-five percent. I think if I can push it to eighty, then it will be
close enough to honest when I lie and say, "Oh, yeah. Every day."

To keep myself from freezing up while I was casting around for something to draw, I decided to pick a subject
that I've done before, but which I never did to my satisfaction. And oh my friends, I got a lot of those to choose from. I settled
on this one, from an oil sketch I'd done of the Man in the Moon last October. It was an idea that I really liked, but it resulted
in a picture that I really didn't like. It didn't even begin to look like the guy to me, and I had thought ever since: surely
I can get closer to it than that. And as the moon was just past full, here was my chance to try it again.

But let me tell you, it's slow going, getting a likeness of something that isn't there in the first place. At least it is for me.
As you can see, I'd get warm, then cold, with no trend developing as far as I could tell:

What was I doing wrong? Well, drawing it incorrectly, obviously. But I mean, how come? I kept on, until these two.
The first one felt like I was getting closer; the second, for whatever reason, finally looked reasonably on it to me.

So I tried a sketch for a night version of the painting titled Summertime which I had intended to do last week before
becoming sidetracked. (You can check that link, or just take my word for it, which will at least save you some time.)
And I wound up back at square one:

What gives? Doesn't look a bit more like him than -- well, you get the idea. I'd have to try something else. What?

The tipping point, or breaking point, or height of something or other, came when Johannes Idiot here tried looking at the moon
through binoculars in an attempt to see the face more clearly. Yes, I did in fact do that. Of course, any semblance of a face
vanished immediately with the higher-resolution view, but that imbecilic stunt did cause me to realize what I should've been
doing all along: forgetting about the face and trying to draw the basic pattern that your brain interprets as a face. Right?

Right. I think. Maybe. I wound up with this, which gives me hope. On the night I did this one, the moon was a deep,
too-good-to-be-true orange, and so I made a fast burnt-sienna wash to use as a background. Now I'm ready to try it in color.
I hope it works; by now, difficult as it might be to imagine, I'm more tired of this subject than you are.

Next: Summertime...

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