Picture of the week 08.27.07

Knob Creek at Sunset Oil on paper, 15" x 9"

Those not from around here won't know that Knob Creek and Sunset are roads, and locals will know that
the intersection of Knob Creek and Sunset is a good half-mile from this location, so there's really no point to
that play on words, and in fact it isn't really a play on words at all, but anyway the title is not what's important,
and anyway I can't think of another title.

For those familiar with the area, this is a view up the hill from the curve on what I used to think of as the "heading
out into the country" section of Knob Creek. Remember where I'm talking about? There was a dilapidated stone
wall that ran around the curve, and beyond that was an ivied brick cottage. Yesiree. Back in my day, they called
them dad-blasted noisy contraptions "steam-shovels." Why, I can remember when all this as far as you could see
was nothing but boring, pointless stories about my youth.

Taking-It-Way-Too-Serious Alert: The foreground incorporates actual pieces of the road, mixed in with the oil.
I don't know; it just seemed like a neat thing to do at the time. I sprinkled the wet paint with a handful of
gravel and paving bits that had fallen off this:

Knob Creek Pavement, approx. 5" x 2 1/2" x 2"

I stole this from the excavation where the earth-moving machines ("Gaia-gobblers," we used to call 'em) were
engaged in completely removing the above-mentioned section of roadway. I took it home as an offbeat addition to
my rock collection. That was in mid-April. A few days later, one of those mobile signs showed up. KNOB CREEK
CLOSED THRU JUNE 1, it said. On June 1, it said KNOB CREEK CLOSED THRU JULY 1. Come the first of July,
it read KNOB CREEK CLOSED. Still does. Since Knob Creek is the most convenient route from my house to two-
thirds of the places I need to go, I'm starting to dread the day that it states KNOB CREEK GONE.

Why am I going on so long about all that? Well, I'd just like you to be aware that there are are many things out
there that are way, way more behind schedule than the Picture of the Week.

Besides, it's not like I haven't been doing anything. I did a few pieces that I didn't post because...well just because,
and in addition to some larger works, I've been putting together a new section of the site featuring some older stuff.
It's called The Dead Picture Office, and if you'll meet me back here next Monday, we'll drop by together.

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