Picture of the week 09.03.07

End of Summer Oil, 16" x 10"

Two weeks ago, when I first had the idea for this, it was going to be called "103 Degrees," because that was
the heat index that day. Before I got around to even attempting a sketch, though, a cold front came through
and our August heat wave was over. I figured I'd still do it, but call it "Drought." And it finally rained. So I
settled on this title. No matter what happens next, summer ain't coming back for a while.

It's all composition and little content...but then so is the business park where I saw it.

Enough about that. I promised you a trip to the Dead Picture Office, didn't I? Well, off we go then.
It sounds scary, I know, but don't be afraid. Take my hand. It's right this way.

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