Another Summer

I know that technically there's still another week or so left, but the month changed, and the air changed, and the light,
you can tell, is about to start changing; in my book, the season's closed. And I never did come up with the simple,
sum-it-all-up seasonal picture that I've dwelled on the whole time, so I'm going to try this: taking three moments
from the past few months, and cobbling them together to give the illusion of an ideal day.

Morning Acrylic and pastel , 9" x 6"

This is the most recent, observed after the last remnants of Fay had passed over us and before the rains from Gustav
blew in from the south. Days were clear and dry, but mornings were extremely foggy for some reason. Somewhere
in the mist a big Cummins ISB diesel engine lumbered past the house, and it took me a few seconds before I
recognized it: a Blue Bird school bus. Oh yeah. Summer's over.

I had another sketch for midday, but I remembered that last month I promised to tell you about a scary thing I saw.
That's really much more interesting, and since it happened about this time of day we'll use it for the second picture.
I guess I need to back up and explain a bit first. You may recall I was working on a painting of a bottle found half-buried by
a sidewalk — and I haven't forgotten the bottle picture; trust me, it'll turn up very soon — and on a return to the site to make
a few more sketches, I saw something scattered on the concrete. At first it made no more sense than this rough wash:

But a few paces closer, I knew instantly what it was:
Another one, Another one. And on the same sidewalk, and less than a block from where I'd seen the first one.

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself again. You see, last fall, I found this disturbing — well, look, here's the easiest way to
tell you about it. Go check out this picture and read the accompanying explanation, and you'll probably see why I was
quite the creeped-out guy for a moment. It's like someone (I hope "someone" is correct) had left it there, just for me...

Noon Oil, 14" x 11"

In both cases, I did a drawing showing the positions of the elements, and then managed to force myself to gather up
the pieces and take them home where they could be painted under more controlled conditions. Which means that I
now have in my possession two of these ghastly little ceramic crania, one shattered, the other merely severed.
That can't be healthy.

Our third scene is itself a composite of three different evenings, each featuring one of my favorite summertime light
sources: the indirect glare from the floodlights of a baseball diamond a mile away, the bioluminescent flicker of our
State Insect, and the comforting glow that reminds us of the real reason for cooking out: pyromania.

Oil on paper, 9" x 7"

Yeah, there'll be a lot of warm days still to come, and everything is still green, but it's time to say goodbye to another
one, and settle into fall. Here's hoping we'll all be here for the next go-round.

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