Picture of the week 11.05.07


I'm still trying to come up with a better name for this feature, but aside from The Weekly Rebus, which I
haven't nixed altogether, I got nothing. In the meantime...

First pass on The Remains Oil, 24" x 16"

Last Thursday, at the conclusion of The October Game, I asked for folks to pick their favorite picture or
pictures. Based on the responses I got, here are the ones that went over best. (I'm too lazy to link to these
individually, so if you have no idea what we're discussing here, you can go back through the October Game
and see which pictures I'm referring to.)

Sunup and, interestingly, Sundown came in tied for first, with Trees at Kmart, Indian Summer, Not a Cloud, and
Red Maple as runners-up. Myself, I'd go along with part of that list. By my count, there were five I really liked,
twenty-four that'll-do-just-fine ones, and three total losers. I'll leave it at that; I'm sure you can see why it's
not in my best interests to point out which were which.

And since some of you have asked -- regardless of how difficult that might be for the rest of you to believe --
here are a few of the original sketches, contrasted with how the final pieces turned out. We'll start with Sunup,
because I think the pencil drawing, crude as it is, still contains an inkling of the end result:

Next, an example of a sketch that gave me much more to go by:

In the case of the following, I don't care that much for either one...

...but check out the halfway point:

Wouldn't that look cool, about three feet on a side and hanging in a mid-century modern great room?

This next one I like, because I think the sketch and the final are evenly matched:

And finally, here's one where I think the finished piece turned out much better than the sketch:

Look, I didn't have a punch line, okay? Go easy on me.

See you next Monday.

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