Picture of the week 12.04.06

Rodney Hits the Floor Pencil, each 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"

While I'm slaving away trying to finish a few projects, I thought you might get a kick out of
some selections from a storyboard I did for a short film called Or It's Free, written by Mike Stanley.
This scene featured Mike along with Bryan Hill and Sadie Rogers. To make it more fun,
let's look at how the original drawings compare with the way the shots turned out:

Note that in the above sketch, while I missed Mike's likeness, I did, without even knowing
who he was at the time, manage a fairly respectable Daniel Craig. But without further comment:

What's the secret to doing a storyboard that anticipates the look of the finished segment this accurately?
Well, I'll tell you. Blind. Fool. Luck. That's the secret.

Hey, it's been interrupted several times now, but Das Insekt is coming along okay. Here's a peek at Stage Two:

I'll have it ready for you before too long, and it'll take its place on the Still Wet page.

Till next time!

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