Picture of the week 12.11.06

By Way of Apology Various media

Sorry for running so late, but then I never said when on Monday I'd have new picture for you, did I?
I don't have a picture of the week for you. No time, no time. But I have been working on some stuff, so
I can give you a glimpse of some impending additions to the site.

One is a section of older works, some of them going way back, that I still find sort of interesting.
Below -- oh, I can hear the eyes rolling out there, and you know who you are -- is a sample of what you'll see there:

Now when I say that this is a sample, I mean of course that it won't appear anywhere in this
new addition to the site. But it dates from the same period as most of the pictures you will see,
so it gives you a good idea of what to look forward to. You lucky so and so.

There are other additions coming as well, but they involve new stuff, so I can't give it away.
I can, however, make a ploy to tempt you with a detail from one project, shown at more or less actual size:

Could it be...? Could it be the return of...of Lucinda? There are people asking themselves
that right now. I would guess there are about four of them. And I would guess that they
just might be correct. Stay tuned.

Then, just for something to do, there's this:

If you guess what this is going to be, I'll give you the finished painting. Why not
make that offer? If anyone guesses correctly, I can always soak them on the framing.

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