Impressionist pictures of the only abstract expressionist month

September 27, 2006:
I almost had myself talked out of attempting
such a thing, and then at lunch, my fortune said this:

Well, I'm not going to be called a quitter by a cookie,
all right? So here's what I'm going to try:
31 pictures in as many days, each one done
straight through in a single nerve-wracking pass, using
whatever seasonal subject matter turns up,
and going with whatever comes of it.

Now, if I'm posting a new picture each day,
that means most will be slapdash, many will tend
toward the haphazard, and some will no doubt be awful.
I mean really awful. Courtroom artist awful.
But since (to borrow another Bradburian concept)
it is absolutely impossible to paint 31 bad pictures in a row,
somewhere along the line I'll screw up and do a good one.

All set? Let's see if we can't find a pony in here somewhere.

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