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September 30, 2007
For those of you who missed yesterday's official kickoff -- and since there's no
link to navigate back to it, I think I can safely say you missed a terrific time -- I'll go over
the official game rules once more. They're quite simple, really; I paint and post
one picture for each day in October. All 31 days in October.

As a visual aid, I offer you a calendar I made during my oddly-spent youth. This
one is especially apt, in that the dates fell on the same days of the week as
they will this time around.

A couple of things I found worth noting. First this.

That would be a reference to Wally Shirra's 6-orbit flight in his Mercury capsule Sigma 7.
Mercury-Atlas 8 was scheduled to go up on September 28, but a malfunctioning fuel-control
valve delayed the flight until the 3rd. Once a nerd, right? Then this.

Let me assure you of one thing right here and now:
Come October 12, I will definitely see to it that the Fall Festabell is not forgotten.
If I had done this when I was four, it would've been loveable or precocious or something
that I thought "festival" was pronounced and spelled like that. But I was seven. That's
one of the sad truths that tend to worry me.

Don't forget, if you have a suggestion for subject matter, send it in to

and if your idea is used, you'll share the credit or the blame. Possibly both.

Plus! This year, we're inaugurating the October Game Guess the Picture Contest.
Watch carefully, now. One of this month's paintings will be done on this ground,
which I've prepared on watercolor paper:

And here is a sketch upon which another day's painting will be based:

If you are the first to identify both pictures correctly, you will win a chance to brag about
this accomplishment to your friends as they smile, nod, and attempt to glance around
at all the available exits from the room without being too obvious about it.

All right. We start tomorrow. You ready? Sure hope I am.

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