September 30, 2008
Welcome back to the pre-game show. When last we talked, I said I would explain where
the Outer Limits motif of yesterday's installment came from. It started with the snapshot
of the nameless kids at the old black-and-white console TV that I used for the teaser page
(you can view that here if you missed it). Everybody now thinks of the Zone as the big
anthology series from that time, but I was a confirmed Outer Limits man in those days.

Then, just by chance, I found the above cartoon while going through some of my dad's
old tearsheets. It's hard to read at this size, but he wrote "Bill" beside the creature
on the right. And  when I saw it again, I instantly remembered why he did it: that was the
Halloween — 1963 — that I went as the Thetan from episode 3, The Architects of Fear.
It was an elaborate costume that my mother and I labored over the whole month. (I just
looked it up, and it turns out that yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the airing.)

For some reason, though, his drawing makes a reference not to the Thetan, but to the
Chromoite from the episode which I believe was called The Mice. I guess I could
find some links to send you to for pictures of what I'm talking about, but instead, let
me refer you to this drawing that I made around that time. I was going to say something
about it being proof that the Prozac and Ritalin crazes came along about thirty years
too late, but that's not really fair. What we have here is the product
of a kid obviously in need of electroshock:

The Chromoite is the amorphous thing in the lower right. That's the Thetan back
there on the drums. And, as long as we're dwelling on this, note that the Galaxy Being
(from the premiere episode) is not only playing what looks like an attempt to draw
a Hoffner; he's playing it left-handed. Child of the Sixties? Ya think?

Okay, I'm done going on about Halloweens past. For a while, at least. Just about
time to buckle down and get on with this business. Again, let me remind you that if you
have an idea or would like to suggest some subject matter
send it in. If I use your idea, and the picture turns out great, I'll brag on you.
If it flops, I'll claim it was all your fault, and ain't a thing you can do about it.

First picture tomorrow. You nervous? I'm nervous.


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